2 clones and 2 Droids

Following my previous post, I presented you 4 new Star Wars minifigures.

2 Clones and 2 Droids

  • Clone Commander: This figure appear in the Clone Wars animated series and, as far as I can remember, it doesn’t appear in any of the movies. Although it’s identical to the normal LEGO clones, the head is different, more close to the animate series character. This figure appeared on the set Clone Walker battle pack from 2009. It came without the pistols, so i’ll have to buy them in bricklink. This figure cost me $5.
  • Clone Gunner: It was included in the same set that the previous figures, the Clone Walker battle pack from 2009. This is also an exclusive figure of the animated universe of The Clone Wars and doesn’t appear in the movies. The cost was the same, $5.
  • Assassin Droid: Both droids came with a battle pack of 2009 Assassin Droids Battle Pack. Although they are not great figures, they were missing in my collection. Their cost was Custaram $1.7€ each.

This way i got 4 new figures, all from 2009. This means that they already have about 7 years each.

In a next post i’ll close the circle related to this batch of minifigures with 5 figures from episode 7. Stay Tuned!

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