Toy Story Minifigures arrive to the LEGO Den

One of the movies that marked a generation was Toy Story, the first movie computer animated movie produced by the giant Pixar. Not only its quality was recognised globally, but LEGO had the excelent idea to transport the theme to their world. They created about 15 sets that cover themes from all the 3 movies.

As i mentioned in a previous post, i bought a pack of 13 minifigures. 2 were from Sponge Bob an the other 11 were from Toy Story.

Lego Toy Story


These 4 green soldiers are well known in the Toy Story Universe. The figures are not complet and are missing some key elements like guns and binoculars. The doctor of the group also didn’t came with the purshase. These figures are available in the set 7595: Army Men on Patrol.


Finally we have 2 of the supporting characters and one main antagonist:

In the end, each minifigure cost me about $3 which I consider a very good price for a minifigure.

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